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Microchips and boards

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100ID161 122UN2A 134ID6 140UD701 1533IR39 1564KP15 1802BB1 218UR1 100ID162 122UN2B 134IE2 140UD8A 1533KP11 1564KP2 1802BB2 226UN5A 100ID164 122UN2V 134IE5 140UD8B 1533KP11A 1564LA1 1802BB3 228HK1 ...
Group: Microcircuits
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K155TM2 K174UN27 K193IE1 K504HT3B K555IE14 K561IP2A K572PA2B KM155LA6 K155TM5 K174UN30 K193IE3 K504HT4A K555IE15 K561IP5 K572PA2B KM155LA7 K155TM7 K174UN4A K193IE4 K504NT4B K555IE17 K561IR11 K572PV1V KM155LA8 ...
Group: Microcircuits
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KR537RU112A KP556PT4A KR572PV1B KR588VU1A-0101 M1623RT1B EKR1568RR1 KR537RU11A KP556PT5 KR572PV1V KR588VU1A-0102 M1804BA2 EKR1568HL1 KR537RU13 KP556PT7 KR572PV2A KR588VU1A-0102 M1804BH1 EKR1830VE31 KR537RU14A KP556PT7A ...
Group: Microcircuits


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